Hello, my name Is Maddie, and I am the owner of UmbraWigs. I started cosplaying about 10 years ago and at some point, about 2-3 years into styling wigs, I quit my full-time job and decided I wanted to fully commit to wigs. 

Little did I know, this decision completely changed the trajectory of where my life was headed!! I open commissions monthly, give quotes periodically, and have a wig tutorial book on the way. I am very grateful to have such an array of amazing cosplayers wear my art pieces. Each wig has a special soul to me, I am always amazed when I see someone put one of my pieces on.

I am so elated to welcome you to my website and hopefully make a wig for you someday! Until then please check around my site to get better acquainted with UmbraWigs and the art we create here.