Quotes will open every month from the 24th-28th, and selections are made on the 30th of every month.

Slots are usually 9-10 months out.

UmbraWigs gives out quotes once a month – please refer to the commissions page for more information.

After a quote is issued, the wigmaker organizes all quotes that were approved by the clients. From that pool of requests, 6 – 7 wigs are chosen by the wigmaker for that set of commission slots. Chosen clients will be contacted if their wig is selected, and the transaction will proceed from that point on.

Basic wigs (10-15 hours)- $700-$900
Intermediate (15-30 hours)- $1000-$1999
Advanced (30-60 hours- $2000-$2999
Extreme- (60-100+ hours) $3000-$5000+



The pricing includes the cost of materials, labor, pay for a team of people helping in the creation of the wigs, years of experience, and other factors that come in with running a business.

No refunds are to be issued after the initial deposit has been made. Clients should only commit to buying if they are certain that they can make payment deadlines and afford the total cost of the product. Failure to make payments by the agreed upon dates will result in being banned from the shop.

PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and Apple Pay.

Slots are typically booked 7-8 months in advance, so the client will not see any progress photos or updates until the wigmaker reaches the scheduled month the commission slot pertains to. 

Due to the volume of wigs being worked on and shipped, clients may have to wait for up to 1 – 2 weeks after the completion of a wig before it is shipped.

Absolutely! Frequent images are sent to update the client so they can approve the work at different stages in the wig making process. 

Yes! I have a 99.9%  efficiency rate when it comes to wigs arriving with no damage at all.

If any hair is out of place, I will gladly guide you through upkeeping your wig!

We accept limited duplicates. Some wigs will not be made again, but it is okay to ask.



Nope! We will discuss the material costs when your wig is approved for a slot. When you make your deposit, we order the materials that I had you approve.

EpicCosplayWigs, KasouWigs, Coscraft UK, Assist Wigs, and sometimes eBay/ Amazon wigs for character specific colors.

We offer flexible payment plans that spread out over time! Typically, every 1-3 weeks, a payment will be expected. When your wig is approved, and we have situated all the info, we will have you sign a purchase agreement that has you acknowledge the days you will be expected to make said payments and the shop’s policies and rules.

Yes! We ask for specific head measurements that ensure the styling will be proportionate to your face and head!

We use Got2be hairspray, and to tackle static, we wipe down the wig with bounce dryer sheets.

Yes. My two cats keep me company in the workshop from time to time.

So, for heavily styled wigs, look at them as plastic sculptures for your head; if you submerge the wig in water, it will be completely ruined. To maintain good hygiene with your wig, spray the inside with disinfection alcohol or Lysol! It will kill any bacteria. Also, make sure your hair and wig cap is clean before putting the wig on!

We can walk you through methods to fix the said issue, or if it is something that is out of your comfort zone, you can pay to have the wig shipped back to be altered. You will not be charged for having the wig fixed, but you will pay for shipping both ways.

UmbraWigs cannot be held liable for whatever happens to the wig after it leaves the custody of the shape. Any mishandling or misuse of the wig will not result in any type of refund. While these wigs are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear, they are still delicate and can be ruined if not properly cared for – thusly it is up to the buyer to take care of the wig properly after it leaves the shop.

Under no circumstances are refunds to be issued due to the amount of time and labor spent on a wig. If the wig arrives damaged, We can walk you through repairing it, or you can ship it back, and we will repair it.